I’m proud to announce a new tool: featrz.com

Featrz (featrz.com) can display the feature-files from a repository without starting an IDE, like IntelliJ or Visual Studio.

Feature-files are text-files describing the features of an application in a language called Gherkin. These feature files are often used by tools like Cucumber (java) or SpecFlow (C#) to facilitate living documentation, i.e. Specify the features of an application with examples and have these examples executed as automated checks in your continuous integration (CI) pipeline.

In addition, featrz.com will add the following benefits: – Read the Features in a browser, also by non-techy people. Business Analysts, Product Owners, and Department Managers can see how an application is working. And they will know it works like that, because the examples are executed as automated checks as well. – Inclusion of images to illustrate the features. Sometimes a picture says more than words. – Ability to add hierarchy to distinguish high-level features from very detailed examples that cover e.g. only 1 of the micro-services in the entire landscape of micro-services.

I encourage you to have a look at featrz.com. Under ‘Project’ in the top-BAR, you can select one of the demo projects or use a URL of your own open-source project with feature files.

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